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Network Security 

Fabhosts.com assists clients in establishing security policies that define the security goals for the enterprise. Implementing network security technologies in a comprehensive and layered approach to minimize reliance on one type of technology to solve all security issues. Engineers conduct network audit on a recurring basis to ensure that each security policy is being enforced appropriately and that no irregularities develop as the network evolves.

Virtual Private Networks 

By using VPN enabled routers, firewalls and dedicated VPN concentrators, Fabhosts.com creates scalable VPN solutions able to meet the requirement of any organization. Innovative solutions include site-to-site VPNs and remote access VPNs with token-based strong authentication to guarantee maximum security.

Storage Backup Systems 

FabHosts.com also design and develop backup strategies that ensure fail-safe protection and implement system backup solutions designed for rapid recovery. By placing backup content online, owe make the critical data recovery process fast, efficient, and simple.

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