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Cool Banner Applet

This applet takes any number of banners (468x60) and rotates them in order using different cool transitional effects to hide one and display the next. The user of this applet can set the number of banners to be rotated, the speed of the transitional effect, the time for a banner to remain shown before the next rotation, whether to display a border or not when banner is selected, and if a border is used, the border color.

Download file coolbanner.zip contains:

  • coolbanner.html -- This html file.
  • coolbanner.class -- Main class file.
  • coolbanner&imageInfo -- Secondary class file.
  • Sample gif files -- Files to demostrate the applet's functionality.



<APPLET CODE="coolbanner.class" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60">

<PARAM NAME="img1" VALUE="banner0.gif">
<PARAM NAME="link1" VALUE="http://www.reystar.com">
<PARAM NAME="img2" VALUE="banner1.gif">
<PARAM NAME="link2" VALUE="http://store.exactseek.com/reystar.html">
<PARAM NAME="img3" VALUE="banner3.gif">
<PARAM NAME="link3" VALUE="http://affiliates.match.com/index.asp?billingid=500783">
<PARAM NAME="img4" VALUE="banner4.gif">
<PARAM NAME="link4" VALUE="http://www.webshots.com/webshots.cgi?cashclub|reystar">
<PARAM NAME="img5" VALUE="banner5.gif">
<PARAM NAME="link5" VALUE="http://www.singlec.com/cgi-bin/af/b.cgi/1645quot;>
<PARAM NAME="img6" VALUE="banner6.gif">
<PARAM NAME="link6" VALUE="http://www.webposition.com/d2.pl?r=MKH-555A">
<PARAM NAME="img7" VALUE="banner7.gif">
<PARAM NAME="link7" VALUE="http://www.search-network.com">
<PARAM NAME="img8" VALUE="banner2.gif">
<PARAM NAME="link8" VALUE="http://friendfinder.com/go/b33813">

<PARAM NAME="speed" VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME="delay" VALUE="10">

<PARAM NAME="useborder" VALUE="Y">
<PARAM NAME="bordercolor" VALUE="2">
<PARAM NAME="bordercolorred" VALUE="255">
<PARAM NAME="bordercolorgreen" VALUE="255">
<PARAM NAME="bordercolorblue" VALUE="255">


  • img1 ... img<n> -- Image files to be rotated. Note: Image files must reside on your server.
  • link1 ... link<n> -- URLs to be loaded when a banner is clicked.
  • speed -- How fast a transitional effect will take place. Normally it should remain as 1.
  • delay -- How long a banner should remain visible before it is replaced by another one. The code above has it set to 10 for demo purposes only.
  • useborder -- 'Y' if you want to display a thin border for the banners when the cursor is moved over. 'N' otherwise.
  • bordercolor -- If a border is used and you want to use one of the predefined colors as listed below, set this field to the appropriate code. Otherwise leave it blank.

        white = 0
        black = 1
        blue = 2
        green = 3
        cyan = 4
        red = 5
        magenta = 6
        brown = 7
        lightGray = 8
        darkGray = 9
        brightBlue = 10
        brightGreen = 11
        brightCyan = 12
        brightRed = 13
        pink = 14
        yellow = 15
  • bordercolorred -- If you want to define your own color, set this field to the red component of the color you want to use (0 - 255)
  • bordercolorgreen -- If you want to define your own color, set this field to the green component of the color you want to use (0 - 255)
  • bordercolorblue -- If you want to define your own color, set this field to the blue component of the color you want to use (0 - 255)

If you want to use less or more banners, simply remove or add the <PARAM NAME=Img* and <PARAM NAME=link* in your html code.

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